Team Effectiveness

It’s the purpose that creates the team, not the team that creates the purpose.
Peter Hawkins

Unlocking your team’s potential

Effective teams are ones who trust each other, know their common purpose and are equipped and motivated to do the job.  I use a combination of workshops, coaching, mentoring and observation to help identify and tackle the challenges and opportunities available to your team.

All my team development work is based on a ‘current state analysis’ of your team and tailored to what the team needs at the time.  The work evolves in line with the team’s readiness and at each stage the measurement of progress and the active involvement of everyone is a top priority.

I’ll often use Patrick Lencioni’s team model to provide a simple, common language and a means of measuring progress. Daniel Goleman’s leadership model also provides a useful framework for helping leaders adapt their style to the needs of the team.

Team discussion facilitated by Jude Bainbridge Hamilton
Team EIP Accredited logoI am licensed by PSI Global to deliver workshops and profiling to aid personal and team development.

I would highly recommend this programme and your expertise as a way of developing skills in leadership. In particular, the fact that we have engaged as a wider group has been especially valuable.

The approach was to equip and empower the existing team, raising their level of performance and professional confidence. Thanks to this we have not only survived the crisis but have come out stronger and more resilient. It has been a great partnership.

I was introduced to Clennam HR when our team was in deep crisis.  Jude quickly got to the heart of the issue, helping me to understand the situation, and  worked with us to develop a realistic and achievable plan to overcome the challenges we were facing.