Personal Coaching

Coaching helps you to change your life

Coaching is likely to be the most life-changing personal development you will ever undertake. It’s about awareness, acceptance, energy and change.

Those prepared to invest energy and commitment in changing some aspect of their life can expect to reap dividends that impact them and the people around them – for good.

However, it’s not all up to you – the reality of life is messy, you’re not in control of everything and we all need help sometimes.

And it’s not all about you! I understand that you don’t operate in a bubble – there are people around you who matter and who are affected by you. In coaching, we consider the reality of your situation and your whole context in deciding how to move forward with hope and expectation of positive change.

Illustration showing your comfort zone and where the magic happens

My approach is challenging, supportive and flexible


I will

  • challenge you to succeed
  • question you if I think you may be avoiding something
  • help you tackle the things you’ve never thought you could
  • appreciate your work context and work with the realities


  • I will respect you and support you to achieve your goal
  • Trustworthy, reliable and confidential
  • Total acceptance – no judging or shaming
  • Fees are transparent – no surprises
  • Expertise you can trust / track record
  • Positive – a grounded context in which to nurture your dreams


  • Times and location
  • Virtually any channel is available or in person
  • Entirely text-based coaching available on a dedicated, secure coaching platform
Jude sat in an armchair listening to a coaching client

What’s involved?

  1. We have an initial, no obligation, chat to find out whether coaching is suitable for you and to determine whether we could work well together.
  2. We agree the overall goals, the shape and fees for the coaching programme.
  3. The coaching programme starts and we ‘meet’ either face to face, virtually (via zoom/skype) and/or using a secure text-based coaching platform – whichever combination suits you best.
  4. We will ‘meet’ every 1-4 weeks for 30-90 minutes and be in contact as much as you like in between in order to ensure you have a continuous coaching experience, if this is what you wish.
  5. After each ‘meet up’ you will receive a high impact message from me designed to help you to access further insights and make further progress in between sessions.
Jude standing up in front of a computer screen during an online coaching session
In the middle and the end of the coaching programme, we measure progress, celebrate success and make plans to embed the changes.
If you’re up for a creative and experimental experience, why not book one of my immersive coaching with conceptual art days? An intoxicating combination of beauty, inspiration, personal transformation and a great day out in a UK Sculpture Park or a London art gallery.  No prior knowledge of art needed, just an open mind and a desire to grow. If you have any further questions, please read the personal coaching FAQs or get in touch.

Jude has a brilliant and pragmatic style of coaching which has helped me to be a happier and more well rounded person. She has given me a tool kit to approach issues or uncomfortable scenarios in my life, which I will continue using for a very long time to come.

I could not recommend Jude enough! I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Jude and they were extremely helpful in helping me understand myself better. Not only did we discuss life goals, and work towards them in our sessions in useful ways, I felt my perspective on life changed – and therefore my objectives as a result.

I am now a more confident communicator; I have a greater understanding of the thoughts of others around me and am more open to working collaboratively.

As someone who does not automatically trust and does so only after I feel accepted and valued, I commend Jude’s ability to make me feel comfortable and respected just as I am.