Oyster Programmes

Coaching young people to stand out to employers and thrive in independent living

What are the Oyster Programmes?

They are two individually-tailored coaching programmes designed specifically to equip people in their 20s for the world of work.

  • Oyster+, developed in response to the pandemic, this programme focuses on wellbeing; energy and direction in the context of career. Download a brochure for more information.
  • Oyster ‘Original’, developed in response to the globally competitive employment market, focuses on self knowledge, managing yourself and developing good working relationships in the context of employability. Read on for more information.
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The need

In the UK and globally, there is an over-supply of students with high grades.  Employers find it hard both to differentiate between them and to identify young people with the skills and capabilities they seek. Young people find it hard to access and acquire the package of personal and interpersonal skills and habits that will enable them to succeed and thrive in today’s workplace.

The following skills command a premium and are in short supply

Employers say they are looking for the following most important capabilities in their graduate recruits, but they are at a premium because they are in scarce supply: [1]
  • Resilience, positive attitude
  • Inter-personal communication
  • Ability to introduce yourself confidently and professionally
  • Problem solving
  • Teamwork
  • Self-management
  • Analytical thinking
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[1] University and Colleges Admissions Service What skills are employers looking for?  2018

The solution

Develop the capabilities which are in short supply by undertaking a live, ‘continuous’ coaching programme which uses situations in your daily life to practise and grow the skills you need.

The earlier you gain the skills and habits which suit your personality and the people around you, the sooner you will enjoy more choice and satisfaction in your working life.

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Coaching content

The coaching focusses on whichever of the skills and habits the coachee is most motivated to develop and covers the full range of sixteen emotional intelligence attributes across the following dimensions:

  • Core identity – who are you and what matters to you
  • Self-managing skills of resilience, initiative and decision making
  • Skills in managing your relationships with others. Communication and influencing skills which help you get things done in work environments 

View and download more information about the Oyster Programme.

View and download more information about the Oyster+ Programme.