What is coaching?

Coaching is a set of conversations aimed at closing the gap between your potential and your current situation. It provides a context for you to reflect on the way you’re living your life and to make positive changes which will help you to live life to the full.

Is it for me?

Yes, if you:

  • Want to make a specific change in your life
  • Have an uneasy sense that things could be so much better, yet you don’t know how to get there
  • Want to be influential in a situation or relationship
  • Want to be more successful or self-confident at work or at home

How do I find out more?

I provide private personal coaching as well as coaching for people via their employer. My approach is Challenging, Supportive and Flexible.  Follow the links below to find out more.

Personal Coaching

Executive Coaching

About Jude

I am an executive coach with twenty years’ experience of leading people, delivering projects, developing teams and implementing change at HR Director level in medium-sized businesses, voluntary organisations, educational institutions and large corporates.

It can be lonely discovering how to ‘be yourself’ in your workplace.  I can help you.

Jude standing by a blue front door

Jude’s style is both clear and intentional but also gracious and nurturing. I would strongly recommend her services to others needing professional coaching.

I found Jude to be a kind and thoughtful coach who not only listened to my every word, but also picked up on the various nuances of my body language – this led to her gaining my trust so developing a strong working relationship between coach and client.

Jude’s coaching benefited me by guiding me through various challenges, whilst still maintaining a long term focus on my own goals and skills. I came out of coaching sessions both with tangible tools and actions.

Jude’s coaching allows me to believe that I am able to change outcomes for myself by focusing on adapting my approach.  And, that by doing so, I will find positive results.