Coaching individuals, teams and organisations to reach their potential

  • Wanting to be more intentional about work and life?
  • Yearning to approach work and home with clarity and energy?
  • Longing to have more of a positive impact in the world?
  • Not sure where to begin?

Maybe your team is facing some big challenges and opportunities?

Whether it’s for you personally, the whole team or your organisation, here you’ve found someone skilled, experienced, challenging, supportive and trustworthy for the journey.

Hundreds of individuals and many teams have trusted me to help them navigate the choppy waters of working life with the result that they are more hopeful, resourceful and successful (however they have defined it).  Find out more about me, how I can help you and how to take action in this website. Welcome!

Jude has a wealth of business experience and her wisdom, combined with her analytical approach, makes every meeting with her valuable.

Jude is great to work with; I felt comfortable with her from the start and found it easy to be honest with her. She is an attentive and empathetic listener and tunes into how you feel.

I attended coaching sessions in a time in my life when what I was going to do next was anything but clear. Jude used various techniques to draw out my strengths – both personal and professional. This has helped to build up my confidence again and begin to see what I can bring to any future jobs.

Judith gave me space to reflect and gain clarity about my own behaviours and blindspots. Over time, I have changed my response and behaviours as a result of her coaching.